Home Remedies For Acne

There are many natural home remedies that can be easily be made from ingredients you have in your kitchen or garden, or that can be purchased at your local produce shop or supermarket. (See our recipes below.) These can be used as overnight treatments, spot treatments and for ongoing prevention or elimination of pimples.

What Are Home Remedies and How Do They Work?

Home remedies for acne and pimples

Natural Home Remedy Ingredients

Home remedies are made from plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be grown in your own home or community garden, as well as other natural ingredients found in your kitchen pantry, like ~ baking soda, Epsom salts, honey and apple cider vinegar to name just a few.

Many of these natural foods and ingredients have abilities inherent in the plant itself, that work to assist our body in fighting ill health and returning to optimum health in a natural and beneficial way.

Many of these ingredients tackle skin problems by fighting bacteria, viruses, disease and inflammation at a cellular level. It may seem like a miracle but nature does know best.

Home Remedies: A Return To Nature

Many people with health problems, including pimples and acne, turn to natural home remedies because they experience side-effects from using prescription drugs and products containing synthetic chemicals.

Many of these home remedies have been passed down through the generations and in many countries natural home remedies are not classifies as being alternative at all, in fact in countries like Germany and Switzerland, home remedies are sought and used as a standard before anything else is ever tried.

This is how it used to be in most countries before the Medical Associations gained the power they currently have and changed peoples perspective on how to on treat health conditions.

To add to the list of benefits of using home remedies for acne and pimples, home remedies are easy to make at home, are less expensive than medications bought through a doctor or pharmacist.


“It’s sort of back to the future.

Two hundred years ago we only used herbs and supplements, then along came prescription medications and we stopped using as many home remedies.

And now that we are more aware that not all drugs are miracle drugs, and many drugs have side effects, we’re back to using more home remedies. But doctors are slower to start using them again than parents are.”

Dr Kathi Kemper

Our Home Remedies For Acne

Scroll through the following articles to find homemade pimple and acne remedies that you can make yourself and use at home from ingredients found in your garden and kitchen.





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