Home Remedy For Pimples #2

Home remedies for acne- DIY bath bombs

Home Remedy for Acne- Indulgent DIY bath bombs!

Sometimes we just want to get into the kitchen and make our own beautiful beauty products.

This gives us the advantage of knowing what ingredients we’re using on our skin, which is important as the skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs what we put onto it!

Making our own remedies also gives us the the joy of creating our own indulgent and pampering beauty products for the whole family to use, or to give away as gifts.


The Benefits of this Bath Ball Recipe

This DIY bath ball recipe has 3 primary benefits all of which I’m sure will make you happy 🙂

  1. They help reduce oily skin and excess sebum production, which can reduce and even eliminate acne. Especially on the body i.e. back, shoulders, arms, and yes even buttocks.
  2. They help to softens the skin
  3. They relax muscles at the same time, so you feel pampered and more relaxed. And who doesn’t want that?Ok, now for the recipe and how to make them!


225 g Baking Soda
113 g Citric Acid
113 g Corn Flour (cornstarch)
113 g Epsom Salts
1 tsp Water
2 tsp Essential Oil*
3 tsp Olive Oil
natural food coloring*

*Try lemon essential oil with yellow food coloring or rose essential oil with pink food coloring.

Instructional Video:

Here’s a luxurious recipe for skin friendly soothing bath bombs. Make them for yourself and give them away as gifts as well. They help soften the skin, reduce oil production and reduce excess sebum production. They’re also irresistibly pampering!

Recipe and Video Credit: Carina Stewart at fb page Country Lifestyle.

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